Demand for renewable energy technologies

Renewable resources are the wisest choice to solve energy issues and thereby to use available natural resources wisely without harming the environment. Power consumption is excess in our countries, and we mostly generate electricity through water which again is a national issue as there is not a proper distribution of water among the states. This will make few states to depend on other for power supply which is a mandatory facility that must be made available. Renewable energy setup is a proven solution to many energy-related issues.

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Fossil fuels are natural fuels obtained from accumulates remaining of past in the form coal and gas. Sustaining these fuels has become hectic as we see the resources being depleted for technology. Technology is a boon when used appropriately and so is the case here for using renewable resources. According to a survey, India is the 4th largest country in power consumption, and it must be noted that it has it was the 7th largest country for energy consumption in 2000. The rise in the demand is mainly due to the growth in population and technology development. There is enormous gap seen between the application for power supply and the real supply made. Though we can see using solar thermal energy in cities due to urbanization, rural parts are still devoid of this essential facility. Due to lack of awareness and no proper setup of using available resources. This emerging concern has led the government to take the initiative to bridge the widening gap between the regional demand and supply of power by setting up various modes of power extraction


The setting up solar panels on the windmills to extract power supply is rising fast as we can see many have been fixed across the country to meet the demand. According to studies, wind energy contributes 68% to the total renewable energy resources setup in India. According to the twelfth five-year plan proposed by the Government 15,000MW is the aim that is targeted to be installed from the year 2012 to 2017, which will result in doubling the total capacity.


Setup of hydro houses in small scales to cover the shortage is another option and target of 2100 MW has planned for 2012-2017.

Solar energy

In Solar energy, hot fluids, air, and photovoltaic principles are followed to extract power. Many solar thermal plants are being set up across the country.To state a fact earth surface has the electrical energy of 1016W. We require 1013W worldwide for the survival of humans. So the sun produces 1000 times more power. Setting up solar plants which take the energy generated by the sun and transmits it into usable energy can make a huge impact in the power supply issue.

Water energy

The old method of extracting electricity from running water is practiced already. But what if there is no water. This is why dam banks are set up across the rivers where water can be stored in space provided, and extraction of electricity is made possible.

It is paramount to bridge the gap between power demand and supply covering the 6.7% gap. The increase in the need for electric supply and setting up of the renewable resource helps in developing the country and also contribute to saving the natural resources without destruction. Below is sample report on energy demand and deficit."

September 08, 2016