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Eradicating the gap between employers and potential candidates, CampusPuppy, considers a need in this era to connect an individual with a company, based on his/her specific skill set and expertise in it.


At Campus Puppy, we aspire to give the young students a professional social networking platform which will link them to faculties and the desired employers. What makes us stand a notch apart from others in the market is our promise of providing the students with only high quality professional networking experience. And we will ensure this via a set of channels which will authenticate all the user information. Our aim is to help the young minds reach a step closer to their dream job. The students can be a part this experience by simply creating their profile on the Then they can fill in their details by choosing from a variety of skill sets available for adding them to their respective profiles. These will then pass through several filters and we will make sure that they reach the top notch employers. And then they will be just a click away from your dream job. We offer a large number of filters for the students to make sure that only the desired employers approach them. Our aim is to connect both these parties directly. We are here to offer you a 360 degree solution to all the professional and personal problems that all college going students face! We, at Campus Puppy aim to pioneer in the field of professional education and employment. The students can look for internships and jobs on our portal and the employers can get in touch with the desired applicants on the basis of the skills they possess. We also have the facility where the students can interact with the faculty members to find answers to their queries. We are providing solutions which are just a click away and a platform that provides one in all solutions to the students.


CampusPuppy intends to provide a hassle free experience of recruitment to both students and employers, at the same time. The professionally socialized environment allows candidates to take various tests to validate individualistic skills and search for a job or internship, based on those skills. CampusPuppy's sole intention is to bring out a genuine and relaxed recruitment environment and we believe that is what gives us our special place in the market.


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