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I And We

India's first physical + digital education platform


"We" at i&We skill map, train ( essentially do workshops), align (& customize) , prototype and productise the possibilities with students in India (for the ecosystem extending from middle school to Post Graduation courses)... through what is India's first and only "PhyGital" module for learning ...


It combines the essence of AI ( & Machine Learning) in identifying student perspectives, choices of multiple formats of pre requisite content (on a portal) as well as provide them for a first of a kind guaranteed "answer thread" proposition for inquiries on a cross platform/hybrid app .... Going ahead they are provided the physical essence of a batch dependent, industry driven set of hands on ( in which we are researching towards simulations) and eventually followed up for assessments/internships/employments/peer readiness and graded idea to prototype cycles (also virtually) Its this cycle of virtual-physical-virtual alterations that has across 193 schools ( rural & Urban) and 37 colleges caused and brought about , 132 industry absorptions, 261 internship offers, 19 prototypes, 7 filed in patents (shared with the students) and 3 live product designs (across various industries) alongwith 13 recognitions (& 3 national acclaims) , all the while maintaining the belief of creating "An India Devoid of Divide in Education" for any thing more on us, and the domains of our training/workshops/education experiences or otherwise... please visit:


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