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Kornerstone Analytics

Kornerstone Analytics we provide individuals and businesses with digitized productivity solutions and reliable benchmarking data!


Kornerstone Analytics is committed to help individuals and teams manage cost, productivity and execute projects reliably. The need for reliable estimation services was envisaged owing to a collective experience of missed deadlines, half-done outputs, budget overruns and incomplete projects. @ Kornerstone Analytics we believe in simplifying the process; enable historic data for benchmarks; provide individual performance trends to create a self-motivating environment within the organization. Whether you are introducing sizing or managing your development costs we can help you win! We analyse data and provide insights which are hard to ignore. We help you deliver on cost and improve productivity.


Estimation as a Service (Eaas) is a model to deliver Estimates of size, cost and effort for IT projects and services across all sizes and technologies. @ Kornerstone Analytics we help in bidding, project planning and costing by providing best in class Cost estimations Size-based effort Schedule range and contingencies


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