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Trap Gaming

Prachitie's Indian peripheral market research and analysis.


Looking at the rapid growth of Gaming and eSports across the world, Trap Gaming looks to make the most of the already primed gaming market in India. We work for an industry which has already overdeveloped when it comes to participation. Fuelled by the community`s passion for gaming and the target audience that makes up for more than 50% of the 1.3 Billion people in India, one can easily understand the potential of this industry.


Our founding team consists of an interdisciplinary mix of individuals. Kapil Thakur (The Gamer and community manager) has spent more than 7 years in the gaming industry including 5 years of formally and informally servicing it. Jasmeet Singh (The Business manager) has a very strong background in import, export and logistics. With this strong business ties in India and China we will be able to make the most of our reach in the Gaming industry. Last but not least, Anugrah (The content developer) makes a living through understanding what his target consumer needs and he makes it a point that he produces content that is engaging and disruptive. We have a team that is ready, willing and able to do what is needed to make sure that this industry makes a lasting impact. We see the current market state as a great opportunity which will stimulate spending and potentially create thousands of jobs in the years to come.


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