Startup Story


We are SolaBot Technologies Pvt. Ltd. from East Delhi.


SolaBot is a brain child of Mr. Amit Kumar Aggarwal, the Founder and Director of SolaBot Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It somehow happened that he was facing problems related to regular accumulation of dust and dirt on his rooftop solar power plant. Even after washing, it resulted in the lower energy output after some time. After doing a thorough analysis, he figured out that the regular and efficient cleaning is required to get maximum output from solar panels. Hence, to overcome this problem he starts developing an automatic system to clean solar panels.


After 2 years of extensive research and development here comes a novel solution –SolaBot. Solar Panel Cleaning Robot (SolaBot) is developed as an essential tool for solar energy generation companies and individual owner of solar power plant weather it is a rooftop or utility scale. A fleet of SolaBots can economically clean entire solar panels of a solar power plant every day, without water, without any human interface and most important without damaging solar panels.


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