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Wave Engine : The next generation wave Power Technology


A qualified B.Tech (Electronics & Telecomm Engineering) Professional with around 9 years of qualitative experience in Research, Design and Development of Products in multiple domains. ? Knowledge of Embedded product Development life cycle right from the System Technical specification, Information gathering, System Modeling, S/W module Design and Development, Unit/System Testing, Documentation to Production, Technical and field support. Mostly worked in Development of Application and System software modules with Object Oriented test driven designs, hardware and software integration for embedded or real-time systems.


Proposed and designed one proprietary key management protocol for data security product in ITIL. ? Applied US Patent ID- PA25066IN (PCT/US14/45572) on ‘Effective Rectenna Design for RF Harvesters’ from UTC. ? Patent Application 201631026341 (CBR: 12705 /Docket: 12684) IN: Wave Engine: Ocean Wave Power converter device.


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