Renewable Energy Forecast and upcoming sector growth

Global warming, depletion of nature at vast scale, no proper usage of available resources is few issues among many concerned topics that keep popping up now and then. The importance of using available resources to generate energy and be environment-friendly is something we keep listening to but the reach of this is awareness in India is not at acceptable level. Power consumption is quite high in over populated country so using of natural resources smartly is the only solution to end this turmoil.

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Renewable energy- the future

Energy derived from the renewable resource that replenishes on its own like light, air, heat, etc. and that helps in creating energy for generating electricity, running transportation, heating-cooling process, etc. Now in many developed countries, we can see that they have become 100% renewable energy countries where they use the available resources wisely. Quick peek into trending and tips for upcoming countries that will renewable energy oriented.

  1. According to REN21’S report of 2016, 19.2% human energy global consumption and 23.7% electricity generation is done by renewable resources
  2. In the year 2015, the power amount accumulated to 286 billion$ and countries like China and USA have invested in renewable energy resources.
  3. There is worldwide welcome for setups of renewable energy resources and countries like Iceland and Norway have already adapted this resource to its fullest and Denmark, and more than 30 countries around the globe are looking to adopt the same hence leading to a growth of this resource in abundance.

In the aspect of industrial growth, statistics state that around 7.7 million jobs are created worldwide upon flourishing of this industry. For rural and developing countries who have main concern energy consumption in excess as a problem, the coming up of this sector is a boon as it not only solves the power issue but also solves unemployment thereby contributing significantly to countries growth. The increase of growth in this area is a platform for countries to drive the way, to ultimately become a developed country in all smart ways.

September 08, 2016